Pete McCall, Fitness Expert and ACE contributor writes:

It’s time to dust off the proverbial crystal ball and look ahead to see what 2019 might have in store for the fitness industry.  These thoughts and observations were gleaned from a number of health and exercise professionals, executives and thought leaders who hold various roles in exercise equipment and health club companies. In other words, they are the very people who will be deciding how we will be sweating in 2019 (and beyond).

High-intensity interval training workouts will continue to evolve.

Because it delivers results, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will continue to boast a large and devoted following in 2019. The research shows that when it comes to HIIT, it’s the intensity of the workout, not the duration that can lead to desired changes. The good news is that fitness patrons are starting to understand that too much HIIT is unnecessary. As a result, short, 30-minute HIIT formats will become increasingly popular. In addition, group fitness formats will expand to feature a wider variety of shorter, high-intensity classes.

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Variety is key for long-term success.

Tricia Murphy Madden, a Seattle-based ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and co-creator of the Barre Above program, believes that fusion workouts, which combine a variety of different modalities such as boxing and cycling or yoga and strength training, will continue to be popular. “Many consumers are starting to realize that doing too much of the same workout is not good for the body,” explains Murphy Madden. “As a result, the idea of hitting different components of fitness in the same workout is becoming more and more attractive.”

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Group fitness instructors will continue to change how they lead classes.

Group fitness has always been popular, but for years, making a room full of people sweaty was accomplished by an instructor performing the workout as everyone tried their best to follow along. Over the past few years, there has been an important and significant shift toward group coaching, in which instructors guide and coach a workout rather than ask participants to simply follow along.

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Functional training will return to mainstream fitness.

Several health and exercise professionals from across the country cited functional training as an area of growth in the new year. “We all need to carry heavy things in our everyday life and the gym is one of the best ways to prepare for that,” says Kevin Mullins, a personal trainer and fitness writer in Washington, D.C. Aimee Nicotera, an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor from Boston, Mass., agrees. “Functional Training allows people to do movements and exercises they wouldn’t normally do in their workouts, which creates a carryover to strength and improved physical function for their everyday lives.” 

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The type of exercise equipment people use will change.

In 2019, we will continue to see two important shifts in the types of fitness equipment used for both individual and group workouts. Thanks to the popularity of high-intensity training, barbells, kettlebells and heavy medicine balls will continue to be put to good use in gyms and health clubs. However, smaller equipment such as mini-bands, sliders or gliders, super bands and foam rollers used for myofascial release are increasingly becoming “must-have” workout tools.

The new year will also likely see a shift back toward the use of strength-training machines. Barbells and other free weights provide numerous benefits, but can be intimidating, especially for older adults. As increasing numbers of baby boomers retire from their careers, they will have more time to return to the gym and many will look to strength-training machines as a safe, yet extremely effective method of getting results.

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Only time will tell how accurate our experts’ predictions prove to be, but one thing is for certain: 2019 will be filled with challenging, yet fun workouts that will continue to deliver the results that our customers and clients want in their quest for a happier and healthier life. 

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