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The Easiest Way to Get Fit in Minimal Time

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It all starts with you.

You and your coach will determine the best program based on your goals, health, and current fitness level. Whether it's weight loss, strength gain, or anywhere in between, eGym has a program for you.



On day one, your coach will set up each machine to your specific settings and then save them to your eGym account.



On day two, scan your RFID key and eGym will automatically set up the machine and guide you through your program. Every time. There's nothing to think about but getting stronger.

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All your workouts are recorded so you can view them online or in the eGym app. Periodic strength tests show you how far you've come and eGym adjusts the program so you're always improving. Not only will you get stronger but you'll see the proof in the data!



Synchronize all your favorite devices for a fully integrated experience


 Try the newest way to get fit – fun, fast, and effective!

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Learn what’s inside your body

The BodiTrax is perfect for providing an instant analysis of your health and fitness status and monitors your progress over time. A full body analysis is performed in less than 30 seconds. Every reading is privately stored in the user’s account.


Learn what’s inside your body
- Fat
- Muscle
- Hydration level
- Visceral fat
- plus more



Capture your 3D body model so you can visualize your body’s changes.


Track your fitness journey - electronically

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Personal Training

Sometimes you need a little help getting started. With a wide variety of equipment, each personal training session is a new, fun experience. Available to members as well as non-members at prices that are the lowest in the area. You’ll be expertly guided to ensure your personal goals are reached.


Get the help you need to succeed!

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MX4 Small Group Training

Our members love MX4! Starting at 5:30 am, our members get their day moving with this class. At the core of every MX4 small group training class is Cardio, Power, Strength and Endurance.  Each class includes a variety of equipment including the TRX suspension trainer, slam balls, medicine balls, elastic resistance bands, kettle bells, landmines, battle ropes and boxing heavy bags. Designed for all fitness levels and classes change every week. Get a fun and entertaining full body workout in just 30 minutes!

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Small Group Classes


In addition to MX4, you have the choice of a variety of other instructor led classes including Pilates, Pure Flow, Step Aerobics, Barbell, and Kettle Bell. The small class size ensures your instructor will help you make the most of every class. More classes are being added every month. Click here to view the current class schedule.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you can also select one of the prerecorded Fitness on Demand Classes from the kiosk.


Maximum Fitness, Minimal Time!

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Matrix Sprint 8® Cardio

Whether it's on a treadmill, elliptical, or cycle, Matrix Sprint 8® is the most time efficient cardio program available.


Here’s how the Sprint 8 Cardio Program works


Fast and easy - perfect for your busy life

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Functional training

Once you’ve achieved foundation strength using eGYM, learn functional strength exercises to improve your activities of daily living. The Matrix functional trainer is an all in one unit with everything you need. A half rack and Smith machine help you focus on strength improvements for sports and other activities that are most important in your life. Your trainer can design a program especially for you to work either alone or with a trainer.