Notes from our members…

“... I stepped on the Boditrax machine to check my present readings. ...The results were gratifying. My body weight was the same but the composition changed. Simply put the fat mass decreased and the muscle mass increased. I would have never known if I didn’t get on the Boditrax for another reading. It has motivated me to keep doing Sprint 8.”
— Ron H

“Not your average gym! Amazing equipment & outstanding staff/trainers. It offers so much more than the average gym. Take a tour... you will be hooked!”
— Marcy B
Staff is great, place is new, they do everything. It’s a great spot to be.
— Scott M.

“For the first time I look forward to working out”
— Andrew F
I only had a half-hour free so I stopped in for a quick strength session on eGym.
— Nate F.
On my last visit to the doctor he said whatever I’m doing to keep on doing it!
— Sandy H

Member Spotlight


After only 4 months of training at eFitClub, Todd has reduced his biological age down from 60+ to 26 with dramatically improved fitness! His strength has more than doubled on all exercises and his waist size has shrunk from a 36 to a 33! Todd uses a combination of eGym, Sprint8, and functional training.



In just over a month, TJ has lost 8.3 lbs of fat and gained 8.9 lbs of Muscle ! Although her weight has barely changed, she is changing her body composition significantly. That's why she uses the Boditrax body composition analyzer to show what's going on in the inside. Great job TJ!


Congrats to Melanie who achieved level "Mission Impossible"! She collected over 12,000 eGym points over a 28 day period!  Since Melanie started at the eFitClub her strength has dramatically increased and her biological age has reduced to 22 years old ! Way to go Melanie!

Melanie Strength Gain.JPG
Melanie Bio Age.JPG