Sprint 8 is so much more than a basic HIIT workout. When you use the Sprint 8 training program, people of all shapes and sizes can hit the ground running from the start. Pre-programmed for beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite athletes, the short HIIT workout is based on your age, weight and desired level of intensity, and the equipment will automatically change speed and elevation or resistance during the workout as it moves through your sprint and recovery intervals. You can even choose if you’d like to work out with helpful audio and video tips from Coach Phil Campbell, or go it alone.


Muscle mass naturally decreases and body fat increases as part of the aging process. You can slow down, stop or even reverse that trend when you use the Sprint 8® 20-minute HIIT workout. When you train with Sprint 8 regularly, you will not only transform your body, but studies have shown the Sprint 8 program can lead to lower blood pressure, lower “bad” cholesterol, and lower body fat.

Plus, you can accomplish this radical change in your body at any age, starting from just about any fitness level. And you can do it in 20 minutes a day, as little as 3 days per week.

The Sprint 8 short HIIT workout fits in your schedule. It’s efficient. And it actually works. Find out why.


  • 20 MINUTES

    If you have 20 minutes, you can perform the Sprint 8 workout and spark the change in your body that you want to see – improving your health, fighting aging, trimming fat and building a leaner, meaner, better-looking body.

  • 8 WEEKS

    It is possible to accomplish incredible results with just 8 weeks of high-intensity cardio exercises. The Sprint 8 program delivers better results in less time and with fewer workouts than you would expect. It is the exclusive, science-based regimen that uses intensity to optimize the effort you put in.


    Athletes at all levels can improve their results by adding anaerobic interval training to workout regimens because high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises trigger a response in the body that melts fat and encourages muscle growth. It’s not easy, but it’s efficient.


    While a basic HIIT workout offers many benefits, including a higher caloric burn, it is the natural stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH) that is more significant. Elevated levels of HGH are associated with increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat and higher energy.

    The Sprint 8 program is available on all cardio equipment at eFitClub and connected to your eGym app for full activity tracking.