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About the eFitClub Developers, Mary Ann and Jay McCoog.

In 2014, after working at our desk jobs in engineering for 25+ years, we were both over weight and living an unhealthy lifestyle.  We couldn’t figure out weight loss and exercise on our own, We needed help so we joined the local Koko Fit Club. Using their digital trainer was the perfect fit for us techno geeks!  We both got stronger and lost weight (over 100 lbs combined) and decided to open our own franchise. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, so we looked elsewhere for an alternative. 

About eFitClub

We knew we wanted our club to be easy to use, quick and fun so our members would want to fit it in to their busy lives. In 2017 we heard about eGym. They’d been successful in Europe and were now expanding into the US. After meeting with the US rep and trying it for ourselves, we knew right away that this was what we wanted to do. We began developing our business concept with eGym as the core and after many conferences, classes, certifications and research, we developed eFitClub.

eFitClub is different because it combines software with the latest research for the most effective workout. The eGym digital trainer will guide you so that you know exactly what to do. Sprint8 cardio programs help you burn calories quickly. Add in personal training and small group training and you’ll get stronger, healthier and never be bored. Everything is recorded and adjusted to fit your goals. No matter what your phase of fitness, eFitClub has a program for you.

eFitClub will be opening March 2019 in Bluffton, SC.  We look forward to sharing our fitness and nutrition experiences to help you make fitness a way of life.