Is 1 Minute of Exercise all You Need?

The majority of the human population all want to be able to do as little of exercise as possible.  But is there really a way to get a great health benefit out of 1 minute of all-out exercise?  The scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, performed an experiment to find out.  They recruited 25 out-of-shape young men and measured their current aerobic fitness and, as a marker of general health, their body’s ability to use insulin properly to regulate blood sugar levels. The scientists also biopsied the men’s muscles to examine how well their muscles functioned at a cellular level.  

The researchers randomly divided the men into three groups. One group changed nothing about their current sedentary lifestyle. they would be the control group.

A second group began what most people do when they go to the gym,  a typical endurance-workout consisting of riding at a moderate pace on a stationary bicycle for 45 minutes, with a two-minute warm-up and three-minute cool down.

The final group was assigned to interval training with the entire workout lasting 10 minutes, with only one minute of that time being all-out strenuous.

By the end of the 12-week study, the endurance group had ridden for 27 hours, while the interval group had ridden for six hours, with only 36 minutes of that time being strenuous.

When the scientists retested the men’s aerobic fitness at the end of the 12-week study, they found that the exercisers showed virtually identical gains, whether they had completed the long endurance workouts or the short, grueling intervals. In both groups, endurance had increased by nearly 20 percent, insulin resistance likewise had improved significantly.  And as expected, there were no changes in health or fitness evident in the control group.

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Amazingly the study showed that an exercise routine consisting of only 60 seconds of strenuous exertion proved to be as successful at improving health and fitness as three-quarters of an hour of moderate exercise. Wow!  At the eFitClub we are aware of these studies and have incorporated this into our fitness protocol with the 20 minute Sprint8 workout! Get fit fast at the eFitClub today!

Mary McCoog
3 Great Reasons Why Fitness Can Change Your Life

A recent article from Michael Wood Fitness offers three great reasons why starting a regular fitness routine can change your life for the better:

  1. It opens up the possibility of discovering a new passion that can radically reshape your broader interests, pastimes, and story

  2. Fitness can be a “keystone habit” that massively corrects the overall trajectory of your life

  3. A consistent drive to improve your fitness builds self-respect like little else

Reason number 1 holds true for the owners of the eFitClub, Jay and Mary Ann McCoog.  After starting and maintaining a regular fitness routine almost 5 years ago now, we ended 31-year careers in the Aerospace industry to pursue a new chapter of our life story.  A chapter we hope brings health and wellness to many people of the Bluffton/Hilton Head community.

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Mary McCoog
6 Habits That Are Making You Lose Muscle, Not Fat

An excellent article published in Women’s Health by Colleen de Bellefonds emphasizes how a well-intentioned weight loss plan have detrimental effects on your body’s lean muscle percentage and sabotage your weight loss goals.  The six habits detailed in article are:

1. You’re cutting too many calories from your diet
2. You’re not consuming enough protein
3. You’re not lifting enough weights
4. You’re not refueling post-workout
5. You’re doing too much cardio
6. You’re not getting enough sleep

At eFitClub you are provided an electronically managed plan connected with the best equipment available. eGym and Matrix make your exercise the most time efficient and fitness effective experience possible.  After all, why waste precious time to exercise if it does not provide the best results for your overall health?

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How Sprint 8 Helps Members Lose Weight

The report, “The Sprint 8 exercise protocol is a novel approach to fighting obesity efficiently among middle-aged females by substantially increasing GH serum levels naturally”, provides amazing results for clients who participated in the Sprint8 exercise program.  An abstract of this report is provided below:


Background: The Sprint 8 exercise protocol described in Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults [7] has shown to fight obesity economically and time-efficiently by naturally invoking significant growth hormone (GH) release. GH serum levels are known to increase substantially after exercise, where it initiates lipolysis, inhibits the uptake and storage of other lipids, and induces muscle hypertrophy.

Objectives: The goal of this novel approach to fighting obesity was to efficiently maximize natural GH release among middle-aged African-American and Caucasian females [mean age = 45.9 (±7.7 yrs)] to metabolize adipose tissue and reduce hyperlipidemia by utilizing the Sprint 8 protocol. By documenting pre- and post-trial GH and lipid serum values, body fat %, and BMI, the correlated health benefits produced by each subgroup were established for future studies.

Method: This 8-week, free-living, Sprint 8 trial required 8 total hours of exercise (20 min, 3 days/week x 8 weeks), without dieting. The protocol intermittently incorporates intermediate fast-twitch (type IIA) and fast-twitch (type IIB) muscle fibers with their associated aerobic and anaerobic metabolic processes, substantially increasing body temperature and lactic acid production, which lowers blood pH, affording significant GH release.

Results: Among 22 participants, GH serum values increased 603% following the initial bout and 426% final bout. Post-Sprint 8 trial afforded reductions in body fat (-27.4%), BMI (-3.9%), cholesterol (-9.6%), LDLs (-12.4%), triglycerides (-16.1%), and HDLs increased 2.0%.

Conclusions: The Sprint 8 shows to be a natural, economical, and efficacious obesity-reduction strategy among middle-aged females. These individuals benefit socially and physically, while healthcare systems benefit financially. 

At eFitClub we have selected Matrix cardio machines specifically for the availability of the Sprint8 program.  We are excited to bring this highly effective exercise program to the Bluffton area!

View the abstract and complete white paper here.

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